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please visit my new job to get to know about any other people who are on please share your page so I may follow your journey that I am able to get to know if you are looking for more details about pinterest please note it in my comments and I will see if I can get the best possible answer for you. 

 there sit in the world and find a reason to believe that you are not a member of this evil unleashed apon our beautiful land. I have no fear of the end of the earth but it is a bit more than a broken heart of your journey away from me. I hope that see you return to my life and join my celebrating joy as I finally begin to see out the end of day with my love by my side. 

I am just a little battler from my own personal life to the world of trying to get my work in progress for publication. I am very happy to announce that I have been putting in the final interests of my work and the guidance of Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing are going to be going through with publishing my book Emotional Rollercoaster is finally getting to be known as the first published book by D.A.Hopkins I am going to be a big deal of faith to get the right future of my outlook on life. I have been given a slight change in my life as I can not seem to find a pass on writing a children’s books. I am not one for keeping my focus on a complete novel to read let alone write. So I hope that you are not bored with me yet and I am starting my own journey with you and your family. I am very interested in any other questions or comments on my blog. If you are able to get more people to follow my life I would very much appreciated it. I am looking forward to seeing your comments and I will love it if I could be given the opportunity to meet up with you after when I go on my book launch.